First time water test of new PocketShip build (with pics)

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First time water test of new PocketShip build (with pics)

Postby ManInBlack on Wed Sep 15, 2021 8:57 am

Hi all,

I'm quite excited to have built up my PocketShip from plans and done a simple "in the water" test for the first time today! :D

I'm building in Thailand, and sourcing some of the parts and materials has been a bit more difficult than in other countries like the USA. So I'm still waiting on shipment of most the sailing hardware from vendors around the region. (In case you are wondering why there is no sail, etc.). Nonetheless, I've been building in a large tent next to a small pond on my land, and with the hull finished, and having just finished welding a custom trailer for it, we decided to go ahead and build a makeshift ramp into the pond to launch it and test for leaks and any other little things we can see that might need adjusting as we climb in and out once it is in the water. I live in a small floating house on this pond, which made an obvious mooring point as we made adjustments, etc.

It started raining halfway through the launch but cleared up pretty quickly.

I tried to post a handful of pictures here, but wasn't able to due to the file size limits. Not sure how to compress further from my phone, so I'll just post a link to my blog post for now, and try to compress further and post the pictures here next time I turn on my computer.

Here is the blog post: ... -test.html
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Re: First time water test of new PocketShip build (with pics)

Postby on Wed Sep 15, 2021 9:29 am

It looks very nice!

You started the build in May? You work fast!

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