Raising the mast singlehandidly

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Raising the mast singlehandidly

Postby MICHAEL LIPCSAK on Tue May 29, 2012 3:23 pm

I am having a problem raising the mast on my pocketship by myself. I don't seem to have space to stand in the anchor well, and can't push the mast far enough up from the cabin. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.
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Re: Raising the mast singlehandidly

Postby Pascal on Thu May 31, 2012 10:44 am

I do not have a spinnaker but I use the halyard on the very front of the bowsprit just for raising the mast. This way I can raise the mast with the spinnaker halyard from standing inside the cabin .This work very well because you can push the mast up and pull on the spinnaker halyard simultaneously. After the mast is up I can go and secure the jib and undo the spinnaker halyard so it does not interfere . I do this when the boat is in the water while the motor warms up. It usually takes 5 to 10 minutes .
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Re: Raising the mast singlehandidly

Postby JonLee on Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:05 am

I raise the mast by standing in the companionway, jib halyard in hand. I grab on to the mast and shove it skyward, keeping tension on the jib halyard as I go. When I get to the point that I it gets tough to push the mast up any farther, I start hauling on the jib halyard, thus raising the mast the rest of the way. Cleat off the halyard and I'm read to go!. I have the cleat for the jib halyard mounted on the side of the tabernacle, so I can reach it from the companionway.
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Re: Raising the mast singlehandidly

Postby mark48 on Sun Jul 19, 2020 3:23 pm


I'm having trouble raising my PocketShip mast singlehandedly. Puffin is not rigged for a spinnaker (heaven forbid!), but part of my problem is a snagging tangle of lines and gaff as I try to raise the mast. I stand in the footwell, press down on the base of the mast while hauling on the jib halyard, but inevitably something is fouled aft causing me to lower my partially-raised mast, move aft to sort things out...only to repeat the dance with my next attempt. I'm not looking for a Le Mans start in my sailing, but I'd prefer to get my walking exercise on level ground.

The suggestions on this thread are helpful but don't get the the root of my problem. Have other PS sailors developed some knack for stowing the various lines such that raising the mast is less likely to result in fouling lines and gaff? One partial answer I saw in a recent post is to extend my gaff in length such that when the sail is lowered, the trailing end of that spar is supported by the boom gallows rather than being allowed to snag the boom gallows or the mainsheet bridle as I raise the mast. But I'm sure other PS builders / sailors have additional thoughts and I welcome them.

Puffin has rigged with jiffy-reefing lines as is PS #1. Otherwise, the rigging is conventional.

Thanks for your thoughts, and I hope you're all well.
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Re: Raising the mast singlehandidly

Postby Wayne G on Mon Jul 20, 2020 3:58 pm

I’ve found that when lowering the mainsail to make sure the gaff is not allowed to fall to either side of the boom as this is when it can become like a weaving shuttle getting tangled amongst the lines and halyards. Before the gaff is fully lowered I grab it and place it on top of the boom and then secure it, the sail and all of the lines to the boom. I try to tie up any slack lines. Once the mast is lowered I tie it down and tie up the peak and throat halyards and the shrouds.
When raising the mast I try to remember to remove the tiller 1st (I often forget this step) to avoid any dangling lines catching on it. Also if the mast hangs up on a line I tie off the jib halyard leaving the mast at whatever angle it is at and go aft to release the restriction (9 times out of 10 it is a line caught on the tiller!!). I think practice makes perfect and the mast usually goes up 1st time for me now. Of course now that I’ve written this I’ve jinxed it.
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Wayne G
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