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Re: Hatches

Postby jwv630 on Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:20 pm


Boat is really lookin' good....Like the color of the hull

Jimmy V
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Re: Hatches

Postby craig on Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:46 pm

I still really like these hatches and have started construction. So far, the wood supports have been cut and dry-assembled on the floor:

20141229_011917484_iOS.jpg (183.73 KiB) Viewed 2303 times

Cutting out the hatch itself from the deck was high-stress. I used my jigsaw because I wanted a very small kerf, but in retrospect I should have used the circular saw so the cuts would be straighter. Eh, it's close enough. The lines tend to wander so the entire thing is off-center.

Do you think I'll have a problem if I don't install the support pieces to the underside of the hatch, around the edges? That seems like the most finnicky part to fit, especially if the hatch is a bit wonky like mine. Then, instead of putting the seal on the hatch itself, I'll put it on the 1/2 inch hatch support pieces. Ideally, no water will ever reach the seal anyway since it should all drain out into the footwell.

- Craig
Titania, launched January 2015
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Re: Hatches

Postby herbt on Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:39 am

I dont think the support strips on the underside of the lid are absolutely mandatory but they do provide some thickness arround the edges of the lids for finishing and will help to straighten out those jig saw cut lines, and add some grip (maybe) for hinge screws depending on the type of hinges you use. Check my previous posts for clearence requirements. The hinge side channel needs to be wider to allow for swing when raising or lowering the lid. I would still put the sealing strips on the underside of the lid so you can overlap the corners and not leave any gaps. Also they have more grip surface on the underside of the lid. The channels will flood in a deluge so you do need the sealing strips.

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Re: Hatches

Postby DanaDCole on Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:30 pm

A week or so ago I did some cutting with a jigsaw and forgot to cut "proud" of the line then plane or sand down to it later. So of course the blade wandered across the line and I had to start all over with a new piece. I don't know why I can't remember this simple rule--lazy I guess--but it's nice to know I'm not the only one. :)
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Re: Hatches

Postby Dmitriy on Thu Jul 21, 2022 9:04 pm

I'll ask a question in this thread after many years, so as not to create a new one.
Since I've never used boats, I'm not entirely clear on the purpose of these hatches. What can be put there? Experienced sailors - tell me please?
I think that it should be something not heavy (so as not to burden the stern), not afraid to get wet, not something that may be needed urgently.
In accordance with what will be there, I choose the dimensions of the hatches. On aliexpress there are options with internal dimensions of 28x52 cm, 24x36 cm, 30x30 cm ..
I think that there is no need to make a large hatch if there are only mooring ropes there.
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Re: Hatches

Postby Bflat on Fri Jul 22, 2022 7:59 am

Here's what I keep in mine: 4 Fenders, extra life jackets, 2 throwable cushions, small extra anchor and rode, plastic bottle of outboard motor oil, sponge.
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Re: Hatches

Postby doug@dougbraun.com on Fri Jul 22, 2022 11:02 am

Regarding drainage issues:
When the boat is on a trailer, on non-level ground, water can accumulate in the low side's cubby (that is, the side storage compartment).
Assuming the bow is higher than the stern, any water falling on the deck will tend to run into the cubby drain hole.

It is rather hard to sponge out the rear of the cubby - one remedy is to temporarily jack up the low side, so the water can run out.
It might be worth adding small drain holes from the outer rear corners of the cubbies through the transom or the side.

I wish I had realized this before my boat was finished - I don't want to take a drill to my nice paint job at this point.

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Re: Hatches

Postby Hooky on Sat Jul 23, 2022 4:41 am

G'Day Herbt, I love this mod, you have done a great job and it looks great. Flush timber hatches look much better than the plastic ones.
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