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PocketShip Shroud and Bobstay Lengths

PostPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 1:41 pm
by John C. Harris
I have in my email box a number of inquiries about the exact length of PocketShip's side shrouds and bobstay. These have sat unanswered so long that my office is starting to smell like something has turned. My apologies. I have the dumbest possible excuse: In all these years I have never gotten around to actually measuring the finished lengths of those components. On my boat, I just swaged them in situ on rigging day, and that was that. (If you order the rigging package from us, a rigging contractor fabricates them. Obviously they know the right lengths.)

But I've pulled a tape and without further ado, here are the lengths for the two side shrouds and the bobstay:

Pocketship Shroud and Bobstay Lengths - Thumb.jpg
Pocketship Shroud and Bobstay Lengths - Thumb.jpg (113.25 KiB) Viewed 1268 times

Note that these dimensions are for the swaged wires themselves. Various shackles, chainplates, lashings, and so forth are in addition to these dimensions. Aerospace tolerances are not required. If the shrouds come out a little short, your lashings are just slightly longer. Ditto if the distance between the end of the bowsprit and the bow eye differs on your boat, you can substitute a longer or shorter shackle as needed, which is exactly how I made my bobstay fit the first time.