Additional Drain Holes?

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Additional Drain Holes?

Postby riverron on Wed Sep 09, 2020 7:57 pm

Finally got my boat on the trailer a couple days ago and we had some heavy rain today! I know I am worried about my boat getting wet! Lol!
Anyway where I park the trailer it leans to the starboard side. That’s the way my driveway slopes. I checked this evening and I had an inch depth or so of water standing on the seat in the back corner. I pushed the water into the footwell and it drained fine. As a temporary fix, I raised the boat with a block to level out it out some. The locker has a drain and water also back filled into it. What are your thoughts about either putting a drain out the transom in the seat corner or possibly a drain out the side going through the locker? Or other thoughts? I may just need to find a better place to park it that is more level.

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Re: Additional Drain Holes?

Postby Mflyer65 on Sun Sep 13, 2020 4:48 pm

Hi Ron,
I have had boats for years and there is always places where water can settle and not drain based on orientation or design. I expect it to some degree and have some sponges to remove the water and towels to wipe wet seats. I have made or purchased boat covers for all of my boats and they are worth it to keep the boat clean and dry when parked. I try to have the boat parked nose high and wheels level when possible here at home but not always possible. I plan to make a cover of sorts for my Pocketship once it gets past the "95%" complete stage and can be pulled out of the garage.
Congrats on getting your boat out and on wheels!
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Re: Additional Drain Holes?

Postby riverron on Sun Sep 13, 2020 7:32 pm

Thanks Mike. I will most likely get a nice cover or make one too. Let me know what you do for ideas. I think raising one side of the boat will help. I might look at some of those RV blocks to get it level. I have a temporary board on the one side raising/leveling it, which looks to be working.
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