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Things I wish I'd known when I started

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 10:01 am
by buckeye
Some things that I learned along the way, or remembered that I'd forgotten that would have been helpful at the start:
- Work slowly and methodically. Trying to rush almost always results in mistakes that are much more difficult to resolve than doing it right the first time.
- The best antidote to sloppy epoxy work is a good carbide scraper, A heat gun amplifies it's effectiveness.
- A large dry paint brush is great for smoothing glass
- Plastic condiment bottles make it easy to apply just enough resin right where you want it, including on a squeegee for wetting out vertical surfaces
- When wetting out with an inside corner, set the corner with a brush first, then watch it like a hawk all the way to gel time for any bubbles while wetting out the rest.
- Totalfair is your friend