Main Sail shape question

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Re: Main Sail shape question

Postby on Wed Nov 25, 2020 4:04 pm

Here's another possibility, the Racelite RL-337:

You could screw it to the mast just below the track, and swing it up to keep the slides from falling out. The price is right, and it can't get lost.
This is how I remember it being done the last time I used a boat with a wooden mast - an early 50's Lightning.


JonLee wrote:I (as many other before me) found a track stop to be outrageously expensive. Instead, I ended up getting a track slide that had a thumbscrew on it: This worked just as well. To reduce the chance of losing it overboard (inconceivable!), I have it tied to a short length of spectra, which is in turn tied to a convenient spot on the tabernacle.
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Re: Main Sail shape question

Postby Arjen on Mon Apr 26, 2021 2:32 am

Mflyer65 wrote:Thanks Peter,
I also have a block of wood 3/4" at the base of the mast between the mast and the tabernacle. Measured I get about 3.5 degrees of rake.

I would start with the most easy experiment: get the block out of the tabernacle and find out wether or not you notice the disbalance...
If necessary: add stepwise small and thicker blocks. When you really need the full rake then you still can reduce the heighth of the boom gallows.
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Re: Main Sail shape question

Postby on Sun Nov 14, 2021 8:42 pm

I just hoisted for the first time the Sailrite sail I sewed about a year ago while waiting for my PS kit to be cut.
I noticed the same issue that some other people mentioned: the end of the boom is a bit low, and touches the gallows.
I dug up the computer printouts that came with the sail kit, which have all the relevant dimensions and a rendering of the sail,
and compared that data with the official PS sail plans that came with the PS kit.

It turns out that the Sailrite sail has the length of every edge correct, but the throat-to-clew diagonal measurement is
a few inches too large. This causes the gaff to be a bit further back than it should, and the clew to be a few inches lower
than it should. I doubt this will have any significant effect on sailing performance, but i will have to reduce the height of
the gallows by about 6 inches.

Is anybody else using a Sailrite sail? I'm still glad I made mine, but if any of you are planning to make one, I suggest discussing
this issue with the Sailrite designer.

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