What is blue ply

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What is blue ply

Postby Dmksails on Wed May 29, 2024 9:39 pm

I've seen in a number of posts that builders use something called blue peel ply to make their fillers smooth. I've tried Google and I find large sheets of this and I'm not really sure it's the same. Can anyone point me to how to use this a and where to get it?
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Re: What is blue ply

Postby Hooky on Sun Jun 02, 2024 5:51 pm

G’day mate, it’s just commonly known as peel ply, it’s sold at most outlets that sell fibreglass and epoxy products. In Australia it’s sold by the metre from rolls. For epoxy It is simply placed over a fillet or a glassed section and either with a gloved hand or a roller it is smoothed over to remove all the wrinkles. When dry it is simply peeled off leaving a smooth finish requiring much less sanding and the added bonus of no amine blush.
There are many YouTube videos available demonstrating its use.
Check out my June 2022 post of my blog where I used peel ply on fillets.


I hope this helps mate
Cheers Terry from down under
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Re: What is blue ply

Postby dbeck on Thu Jun 06, 2024 2:09 pm

We typically used the alcohol-finger-trick smoothing the fillet after a few hours and immediately glassed over the still 'wet' fillet. A soft brush works quite well for applying the epoxy without deforming the fillet. We believe this increases strength, as fillet and epoxied glass form one chemical unit. Plus it saves a lot of time.
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