Wiring the boat together

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Wiring the boat together

Postby airmech on Tue Jul 20, 2021 6:04 pm

Just thought I would share a tip for the wire that I found worked.
The kit I ordered did not include the wiring for stitching the boat together which I wasn't to concerned about since they talked about copper wire which (in my experience) work hardens pretty quickly and breaks.
I found rebar wire in the cement section of Home Depot is very inexpensive and is designed to be twisted that is used on the boat. The downside is it is coated in oil to prevent rust. I didn't realize this until after the first few stitches.
I found a initial cleaning with rubbing alcohol and then placing the wire coil in a Cool Whip container or equivalent and filled it with more alcohol and a small hole punched in the lid with the center wire running through it. This helped with the wire uncoiling and the alcohol reduced the oil on the wire. I would just pull some wire out while I rub it with a paper towel as it came out. Seems to work great so far. I'd post a pic if I could figure out how....
Jon Edwards
Portland OR
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