What battery did you choose?

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What battery did you choose?

Postby Creekboater on Mon Oct 30, 2023 12:54 pm

Hello all,

I’m about to build in a little mount for my battery in the forward storage area between bulkheads 1 & 2. I won’t have a ton of electrical needs (nav, USB, cabin light/fan) and I want to take up as little space as possible. Also, I plan on having a solar panel to help keep a charge.

I’ve seen little gel batteries that are roughly 7x8” and that’s about as small as I’ve found.

This is a pretty open ended question. Has anyone found a particularly small battery they are happy with? Any brands to avoid? Any interesting mount locations besides the typical spot everyone uses?

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Re: What battery did you choose?

Postby Hooky on Wed Nov 08, 2023 6:23 pm

G’Day Martin,
I just received an email from a local Aussie company selling batteries. Looking at their models for Lithium units around the dimensions you want they come in at around 25 amp hrs. Obviously the larger in size then the more amp hrs, but they are much lighter and in my experience with a solar panel are very effective.
Hope this helps mate
Cheer’s Terry
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