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Bowsprit Mod

Postby Hooky on Mon Apr 22, 2024 2:02 am

Yes, I'm at it again, another mod. Visually "PocketShip's" Bowsprit is a beautiful and functional section of this little yacht. But as a retired old man with too much time on my hands, I decided to laminate some thin timber strips of contrasting color along the Bowsprit's center line. Being mindful not too do anything that will reduce the overall strength of this vital part.
I had some thin Blue Gum strips left over from the BH2 mod; the red color of the Blue Gum should look good inserted into the lighter colored Hoop Pine.
So, I routed two shallow grooves along the center line of the Top and sides of the Bowsprit.
The thin Blue Gum strips were epoxied into this groove. I also added a laminated hardwood block to the tip of the Bowsprit to prevent dents and/or damage to the softer Hoop pine.
I shaped a foam block to use as a template to cut out the bow opening for the Bowsprit to slide back to BH 2.

Check out my Blog for a detailed explanation and pics.

Cheers Terry from down under.
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