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Yuloh sculling oar design

PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:10 am
by craig
I have built a yuloh for Pocketship and will report back to this forum when I try it out on the water (hopefully this weekend, if I can coax my garage to be warm enough to paint the topsides). I have never used a "true" yuloh sculling oar before, so am relying solely on theory and designs published online.

My references were as follows in case you want to design and build your own:

1. "Some Thoughts on a Yuloh" ... ciency.pdf

2. "The Easy Go Yuloh" ... /index.htm

Picking to use the "large" or "small" yuloh design from reference #1 was challenging. In the end I decided on a small design, with the yuloh coming to my waist. The blade profile was made as described in that reference, as were all lengths. I haven't angled the handle yet; rather, I'll wait to see what it feels like on the water. Total length currently is about 10 feet: 2.6-foot blade 3.5-inches wide scarfed onto a 7-foot 1.5x1.5inch pole (all dimensions final).

The pivot point will be made as in reference #2. I drilled a hole through the transom skirt "topper" and threaded a rod through it, but the entire assembly flexed too much for my liking. I believe I need to glue a backer block to the underside of the skirt at that location.

Pics and follow-up report to follow.